Monday, May 6, 2013

I really love blossoms

On a whim I took Cedar and Eli to DC to check out the cherry blossoms. Todd was working and I figured it would be an easy mid-week day trip. It just so happened to be the hottest day of the year and it was so crowded that I almost cried trying to find a parking spot. Good thing Cedar was there to walk me off the cliff. We did enjoy the beautiful blossoms but quickly got our fill of the heat and crowds.

happy birthday, sweet Carolyn

Hi there! My good friend Molly is the mom to this beautiful little one. Carolyn turned the "big 1" back in March and came over to eat and destroy a cake. We had a lot of fun! This is her before cake demo/clothes came off look.
The cake was very simple and decorated with seasonal blooms. I used one of my favorite quilts (my mom made it the year I was born) as a backdrop. Carolyn was a huge fan of the cake and would have eaten the entire thing if we let her. 

…and clean-up time in the sink. Thanks Molly, that was fun!