Thursday, February 21, 2013

the pink package

A little snippet with the kiddos after Eli's nap. We read a few of his favorites then went for a walk to look for horses down the road. Little did we know that there would be a package in the mailbox. 
add a sweater because we're going outside…
ah…those chompers. Two things he clearly inherited from me.
wait, one more book before we go…
And now it's time to look for the horses across the road.
and sit on a rock…
and find things like this…
Do you see it? The lone shaggy pony who wanted nothing to do with us. Oh well.
They still had fun climbing the fence and chasing one another.
There is just something about a mud puddle no matter how small. Bert doesn't look happy though. 
And then she spied this on the way back home.
behold the power of Disney! 
Thank you, Aunt Liz. You made Cedar's day. xoxo

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